Kaniewski Design is one of the most recognizable design studios in Poland.

We specialize in advanced design, prototyping and implementation for industry and institutions. We design objects, equipment, vehicles, architecture, public space and graphics.  Our strategic design consultancy is based on a constant, professional care over a project from the concept stage until successful implementation.

Our team consists of experienced professionals in the field of design, construction, 3D modeling, strategy; graduates of the best Polish and foreign schools, awarded with international prizes such as Red Dot Award. We also invite experts who cooperate with the studio, both locally and abroad, to join selected projects.

Our clients are supplied with design solutions at the highest, international level. We possess skills unique in the Polish market, such as planning product's life cycle or designing „family feeling” for a group of products.

Our design is not trendy, so it will never go out of fashion. Timeless elegance and funcionality is a smart investment.

We offer design at the highest level to companies and individuals. Our clients include, amongst others, Orlen, Żywiec, famous athletes, the Italian supercar manufacturer and Ukrainian chain of petrol stations Parallel.

To local goverments and institutions we offer advice on aesthetics of public space, public-pricate cooperation, activation of residents. Our services have been beneficial to Gdynia, Gdańsk, Warszawa, Łódź, Lubuskie Province, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others.


Alicja Kaniewska
Alicja, the owner, is responsible for financial and administrative work. Previously, she co-managed the press department of the Polish Embassy in Kiev and a recording studio in Warsaw, was an artist manager, worked in a Polish IT company with clients in the United States. As the wife of the designer she also drove his blue Mercedes. To set the record straight: punctuality and order were engraved in her by her brother the philosopher – certainly not by her artist sister.

Natalia Boimska-Blum
The first person that Janusz has worked with after coming back to Poland. They drifted apart for another 8 years but promised themselves that one day they will work together again. Natalia for the past few years was a managing director in a independent advertising agency. Bringing to life a fashion brand M'OYO and two amazing daughters: Klara & Laura are two other sucess stories of her life. In JKD she took the role of a managing director.

Dominik Głąb
Dominik graduated from the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, he is the last student and continuator of Cezary Nawrot’s path. Co-founder of the Design Fundamentals Studio for the future designers at the Faculty of Design in Warsaw. He creates virtual objects, that later on can be found in real world – on store shelves. He received The Good Design Award for his projects of appliances: a juicer, kettle and a toaster. In his spare time he likes to go kite surfing in the summer and snowboarding in winter.

Artur Jóźwiak
"This is my former boss” - Janusz used to say about him. Artur, known as Joseph, has been Janusz’s boss for three years, in his first serious job at Leo Burnett. He remained his friend forever. He is an industrial, graphic and interior designer, prepress and printing production specialist. In 2016 he swelled the ranks of Kaniewski Design. In private he is a father of five (!) children, automotive, film and books enthusiast.

In collaboration:

Dominika Drezner
A graduate of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Industrial Design and Interior Design. During her studies she participated in many competitions at the national and international level. In 2009, the Ministry of Culture awarded her a scholarship for excellent academic performance. Her work has been exhibited at shows and festivals of the Łódź Design Festival, Gdynia Design Days. The winner of the 2013 Red Dot Award. She loves sports, especially water sports, traveling and the widely understood arts.

Kamil Laszuk
He graduated with honors from the Industrial Design program at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. He has won many international designer awards, such as the CORE77 in New York and the Red Dot Award in Singapore. He also graduated from the School of Music earning a double-bass diploma. Within a seemingly calm persona hides the soul of an athlete.

Karolina Szulęcka
Marketer, strategist and PR champion. In her daily life she is close to the luxury brands in the automotive industry and just like them, Karolina in her work sets new paths, implements solutions, creates trends and sets things into motion. In design and everyday life she values simplicity, quality and elegance the most. For her, the product is "finished" when it evokes emotions and does not leave us indifferent. In her free time, she works - she trains a number of future marketers, gives lectures and travels.

Filip Filipczak
A human in a strategist and a strategist in a human. Incurable storyteller and questioning brandthinker. Affected by media and advertising. Waiting for the moment when new media become old enough to love them. Permanently impressed by the ads that change the way people think even for a while and the technology with a human touch. The enthusiast of gangster movies and classics in everyday life. His favorite quote and the life motto is "What's the fuckin' matter with you?". It is unknown why.


Janusz Kaniewski
The longtime designer of Pininfarina, the author and co-author of many of today's cars. Advisor to the President of Gdynia, the first and only non-architect in SARP, a member of the Program newsletter SARP Arch. In 2012, Janusz Kaniewski took second place in the ranking of the most innovative entrepreneurs in Poland, according to Forbes magazine. In the Spring of 2014 he celebrated the 25th anniversary of his creative work. Due to this occasion, in October 2013, Publisher Bosz released Kaniewski's book: 'Janusz Kaniewski. Design’. Today, his way of thinking and working is continued by the team of experts carefully selected by the designer.

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