kyrkafe' espresso machine


An espresso machine for the Scandinavian market. A joke design. Scandinavians do not go to church but are total snobs for the Italian dolce vita. We offer them an espresso machine in the form of a shrine (Swedish: kyrka = church). A Swede gets up in the morning, makes the pilgrimage to the cold kitchen, presses four buttons spread out on in cruciform pattern and is rewarded with demonically powerful yet divine brew.


The project was developed on the margins of a large, urban/sociological plan for the Icelandic town of Akureyri in 2006. For years it has been looked at with sympathy and interest; it is a classic example of a design that has never been fashionable, so it will never go out of fashion. Sooner or later it will be developed. We will not be afraid to show it: it is widely referred to as 'the design of that Kaniewski' and any attempt to falsify it will surely be guaranteed to fail.

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