taps railway seats


A continuous design and promotion collaboration with a company manufacturing railway seats for the Warsaw metro, Intercity and many other railway networks in Europe.


Design a comfortable, innovative seat with a forecasted manufacture of one million one hundred thousand copies over the next twenty years. A collection of seats complementing the products: for regional journeys, express and high-speed trains and the Berlin subway. The project aims to reduce the weight of the chair from twenty seven to thirteen kilograms, which could potentially save the energy needed to carry fourteen million kilograms over twenty years. The unique ergonomics take into account both the load cell research as well as the specially commissioned orthopedic consultations with a spa in Busko-Zdrój, all of which will improve passenger comfort for the elderly and children. Display prototypes. Design and implementation of a stand at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin and Trako in Gdansk. A new logo, promotional materials, labels for wine served at the stand, a planned for the near future redesigning of the company reception. A coherent and consistent design strategy relocated the Łódź manufacturer to the leading position on the shortlists of Europe's largest contractors in the industry.

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