Composer Adam Wardin developed software that allows several people to play at once on several electronic instruments and to sing. The intuitive software corrects in real time all the dissonance, creating harmonious music. While the project has collected numerous awards, EU funding, it now needs a formed body to enter the market and the public space.


Janusz Kaniewski Design takes on both the design of the body and coordination of the construction of the prototype. The project deadline is short, with only two months from the first meeting to the first scheduled presentation at the National Stadium. The prototype is created in the Slaski workshop of Tadeusz Wrobel. A trusted manufacturer of high-end products, who in the past we were happy to work with on the construction of two trucks and a camper.
The inauguration at the National Stadium was a complete success: Adam’s brilliant idea rocks, despite being already packaged in a constructive-marketing-financial shell. A dream that became a wise design.

Manufacturer: Autokontener Tadeusz Wrobel

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