maserati quattroporte


The winning design of the 'Come ti vorrei' competition, held by the biggest Italian automotive newspaper Quattroruote: the prize was a Smart car, one of the first in Poland.


Maserati Quattroporte is a slightly mistreated car: at one time an outstanding limousine, in the eighties an utterly uninspiring and embarrassing  product, later a beautiful auto signed with the Pininfarina autograph. The project submitted to the Quattroruote contest assumed a simple silhouette, minimal detailing, a gesture of luxury was the roof of stained and colored glass. Drawn in Photoshop, the project had an unusual parallel side to it: apart from the hyper-realistic illustrations of the Maserati, Janusz Kaniewski also added pencil black and white romantic sketches to the successor of the the Citroen DS. Since the competition was anonymous and the author sent in two projects, he attained a rare honor: Maserati got the first prize (the Smart car) and Citroen got the second (a voucher for 500 liters of petrol).

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