We create a team with our client. Our customer needs a good project, a fresh and professional look at their business, but nobody knows the product and the factory better than its owner.

We provide the following services:
- industrial design – objects, appliances, furniture, vehicles
- graphic design – projects of corporate identity for companies, advertising materials, packaging, information systems, DTP
- architecture – interior design, urban planning, public buildings, small architecture, exhibition areas

Our claim is Strategic Design Consultancy – we take care of the project from the concept stage until full implementation and marketing support:
- concept projects of new products – visual and functional features
- 3D models – CAD/CAM
- construction projects
- prototyping
- supervision and consultations
- advertising support
- PR support

We also support our clients in:
- managing design process
- creating brand strategies and communication strategies for new products
- we carry out trainings and consultations on the subject of design, urban planning and architecture.

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